Grand Canyon on Mule

Ten mule riders are designated as a Group. Maximum group space allowed at Phantom Ranch (total of hiker and mule groups) is 20 people per day. The 3 Hour Canyon Vista mule trips are limited to a maximum of 10 riders on any given day.

RIDER QUALIFICATIONS: (These apply to all mule ride activities)

  • All skill-levels of riders are welcome
  • Riders must be in good physical condition
  • Phantom Ranch: Riders must weigh less than 200 pounds (90 kg), fully dressed
  • Canyon Vistas: Riders must weigh less than 225 pounds(102 kg), fully dressed
  • Riders must be at least 4 feet, 7 inches tall
  • Each rider must be able to speak and understand fluent English
  • Riders should not be afraid of heights or large animals
  • Riders cannot be pregnant
  • Long sleeve shirts, long pants, broad brim hats and close-toed shoes are required
  • Ski caps and gloves are recommended for winter riders
  • Rider’s height must be proportionate to his or her weight

Group space opens to requests on the 1st of each month, for the entire same named month of the next year (i.e. Group space for July 1-31 the following year may be requested beginning on July 1 the prior year, etc.) via written request only. Requests received on the first of the month (no earlier than 12:00:01 a.m. Mountain Standard Time [MST] – Grand Canyon does not observe daylight saving time) will be processed prior to requests received before midnight (which is still the last day of the previous month), since the request period is closed at that time.

Requests should be printed or typed in BLACK ink on the request form provide below and must include:

  • Total number of people in your Group.
  • Date(s) of stay: Please submit as many valid dates (or even specific time frames) in your request as you wish, to improve your chances. Limiting yourself to a very narrow time frame and/or specific days of the week may limit your chances for success. Include all possible alternatives, and indicate your first choice, etc.
  • Please do not indicate a time frame in seasonal format such as spring or fall as this is quite subjective. Indicate by month and/or date only, e.g.: “any night between April 15 and June 15 of (include year).”
  • Two-night Phantom Ranch Mule Trips are only offered November 1 through March 31.
  • Contact information. You must include your name, address, and phone number. Also an email address will result in a faster response time.
  • Please designate which trip you are requesting.
  • Group requests must be faxed to 928-638-0982 at midnight (Mountain Standard Time [MST], Grand Canyon does not observe daylight savings time)
  • Group Requests that do not include all of the above information will not be considered complete requests and therefore will not be addressed.

What time is it?

Time is confusing out here! Arizona does not follow daylight savings and is in the Mountain Standard Time Zone. However, portions of Arizona do follow DST. Click here to check what time it is.

Mule Trip Group Request Form

Group Trip Options

Canyon Vista Mule Ride

  • $1340.00 for ten people
  • Souvenir water bottle included
  • Rain jackets are available
  • Rates are subject to change without notice
  • Prepayment guarantees space not rate
  • All rates quoted in U.S. Dollars and do not include applicable taxes

Canyon Vista Mule Ride Description

Phantom Ranch Overnight Trip

One-night ride (available all year)

  • $4647.30 for ten people
  • Phantom Ranch Accommodations
  • Breakfast, sack lunch and steak dinner
  • Rates are subject to change without notice
  • Prepayment guarantees space not rate
  • All rates quoted in U.S. Dollars and do not include applicable taxes

Two-night ride (available only from November 1 – March 31)

  • $5909.10 for ten people
  • Phantom Ranch Accommodations
  • Breakfast, sack lunch, for both days
  • Steak dinner on the first night and stew dinner on the second night
  • Rates are subject to change without notice
  • Prepayment guarantees space not rate
  • All rates quoted in U.S. Dollars and do not include applicable taxes

Phantom Ranch Overnight Trip Description

Additional Information

Our mules are thoroughly trained, and are well adapted to the unique environment and work situation at Grand Canyon. Although we have over 100 years of experience working with mules, they are animals and not always predictable. The restrictions we place on our rides are intended for safety and to avoid distracting or disturbing the mules. There are always elements of risk due to trail conditions, other trail users, and sudden appearances of wildlife native to Grand Canyon. While serious accidents or injury seldom occur, risk is minimized by carefully following the trail guide’s instructions.

If space is available for your group, you will receive a contract within 2-3 weeks. If space is not available, notification will be sent within 1 week. Requests are responded to in the same order that they are received. Any requests received prior to Midnight will be addressed last.

A deposit in the amount of 50% of all items booked for the group is due 14 days from the date a contract is issued, with the balance due 90 days prior to the group’s arrival. Do not include a form of payment with your request.

Group reservations must be cancelled at least 30 days prior to arrival to receive a refund.

Less than 10 people
Parties with less than 10 people must make their reservations directly with our Central Reservations office at Xanterra Parks & Resorts. Phone: 303-297-2757 or 888-297-2757.