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For Future Generations


Dear National Park Visitor:

It is our pleasure at Grand Canyon National Park Lodges to provide hospitality services at one of the most beautiful places on earth. One way in which we try to demonstrate our commitment to Grand Canyon National Park, is through our commitment to environmental stewardship. The company’s mission to provide, “Legendary hospitality with a softer footprint,” guides our efforts, so that business decisions balance economic viability with ecological responsibility. The company also believes that increasing the sustainability of natural systems is not just good business; it’s the right thing to do.

Xanterra’s leadership role in practicing sustainable business in its operations at Grand Canyon National Park is part of the history of the park. After all, it was Fred Harvey in the earliest years of the nineteenth century, who envisioned El Tovar Hotel situated on the canyon rim to give a wider demographic of people the opportunity to experience the wonder of the canyon. It was Mary E.J. Colter, working for the Fred Harvey Company – now known as Xanterra – who designed many of the most iconic and memorable structures within the area that is now the national park. She did so in such a way that the structures fit neatly into the canyon landscape, and are now part of the heritage of the park.

Sustainable business is vital to the future of Grand Canyon. One question that faces our business today is this – How will we provide 2,000,000 meals and 260,000 rooms each year to visitors within a sensitive natural environment and preserve its resources, cultural history, and historic structures for future generations to enjoy?  Additionally, how will we do these things while providing hotel and restaurant guests a memorable experience?  The answer is – We strive and will continue to strive to make decisions about what we use, what we purchase, what we sell, and how the buildings we operate perform so that our footprint will be even softer on the park and the planet.

A National Park visitor is a special kind of vacationer, likely one who, like us, wants to make sure that special places like this one can be enjoyed by future generations.  By drinking from a reusable water bottle, respecting the wildlife, placing your trash, recycling, and cigarettes in the appropriate receptacles, or turning off lights when not in use, you are helping to make our operations more sustainable.

Thank you!  We hope you enjoy your time in the park, and we welcome your comments.

David Perkins
Director of Sustainability
Grand Canyon National Park Lodges